Be Think Partner

Be Think Partner

Value creation and
planning partner

for social entrepreneurs and
social project owners

Main support areas

  • Medical & Healthcare

    Medical & Healthcare

  • Sustainable-Social Business

    Sustainable / Social Business

  • SDGs

    SDGs Projects

  • FairTrade & Global Business

    FairTrade & Global Business

From Kyoto to Global

Be Think Partner is passionate

Conscious Consumers and Social Entrepreneurs are leading the change in our future society all over the world.

Be Think Partner offers services to start-ups, corporations, NPOs, and any type of entity whose underlying mission is social good.

We explore with clients to solve social issues by creating socially and financially sustainable stories.



As A Partner

We make a commitment to create values and to tackle the problem together working in the client's team as a partner/member.


Global Mind

Be Think Partner learnt English and global mind from the experiences lived in the United States and India and working experience in global corporations.

Balancing your social mission
with the financial goals


Vision Based Approach

For socially-driven corporations or projects, a challenge is to balance mission and profit. Be Think Partner shares the passion and vision with our clients and develops tailored solutions for the future society.

There is a new future that can be seen through thorough discussions
with a partner that brings out your strengths

  • Aiming to balance profit
    and social impact

    Product and
    service planning

    Create new products or services for shops or corporations

    Re-branding with new product line-ups

    Product planning lectures

  • Aiming to clear
    what clients really want

    Draw a map

    Draw a map for your business and make it driveable

    Create stories for start-ups

    Create attractive stories focusing on your core values.

  • Aiming to add new perspectives
    for your management

    CO-LABO manager

    We look into your management style and co-study other ways and styles to have better balances between profit and social impacts.

We listen to our clients and
suggest mixed Be Think original services to develop tailored solutions.

  • Start-ups & New PJs

    Be-Brainstorm , Story-making , Be-One Projects , Startup Support , Market Research , Persona setting, Business planning , etc...

  • ×
  • New sales scheme support

    Converting to online sales , Product planning for online , New service suggestions , etc...

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  • Global project support

    Global projects , SDGs projects , PJs for reduction of poverty inequality , global negotiations , etc...


Be Think Partner works towards client’s mission,
looks at the big picture,
and collaborates with self-directed style
as if a member of a Teal organisation.

  • A Teal organisation is an organization where internal and external members collaborates flexibly and co-create values efficiently without the need for hierarchy.
  • They strive for a shared goal in a self-directed working style.

Flexible working style to match with client’s working style.

Online discussion and documentation both in Japanese and English are possible. Joining your team physically or online and any working style.

  • OK with business trips to anywhere (domestic, overseas)
  • Spot / short-term / long-term contracts are available.
  • Contract formats in Japanese or English can be prepared. Your format is acceptable as well.



Edu. Doshisha Business School(MBA)
Qualif. Business Coach

There are people who are doing their best in good faith to improve society,
who are living to help others'happiness,
and who live to protect the earth.

There will be such a time;
when your emotion runs and you can’t think objectively,
or when you run fast every day and you can't build new products/services from a different perspective.

That is just MOTTAINAI not only for you,
but for the best society and future you are aiming for.

We are here to share the same vision as yours
and to realize a wonderful society together.

Sharing the same goals and thoughts,
We run a business in parallel together
to co-create and maximize its society impact.

Because we just want to create a better world.
This is the Vision of Be Think Partner.


MAYU’S TOP5by StrengthsFinder

Guide MAYU
  • Strategic

    Strategic is about seeing the whole, what the right move is now, and what is the next move to reach the goal.

  • Input

    Input is about collecting information that is useful to reach the goal and leverage them to find a right move.

  • Restorative

    Restorative people are good at and prefer to solve problems rather than brush-up something shiny already.

  • Deliberative

    Deliberative people are careful and sense many risks. Rather than denying these risks, they draw each one out into the open.

  • Learner

    Learner has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve.


  • Business name
    Be Think Partner
    Based in
    Kyoto City
    April 1st 2019
    Start-up support, Business planning, Product and service planning, Market research, User research, Coaching


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Wonderful collaboration starts from an “EN” in Japanese,

meaning mysterious encounter or fate.

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