Social corporations

Co-Creating sustainable businesses,
balancing social problem-solving
and profitability.

Supporting your vision with our 20-year expertise in contemplating social business, and our strength in strategic marketing.

Our Expertise

  • Supremebuild

    Pivot your existing businesses
    Starting-up a new one

  • Value&system creation

    Enhance strategy and marketing

  • Join as a team member
    like a managing partner

  • Navigate


  • Online marketing

    Plan optimized online strategy
    and build a website



Connect your unique way of life with your business
Be a happiest and sustainable business owner.

We, not only auto-respond to visible market needs, but also create intrinsic value that doesn't cater to the market, delivering it to the true customers.


We support social businesses using a business framework that strengthens them.

A professional, well-versed in value creation and marketing strategies, will work alongside you to progress your business and projects through collaborative work.


We create change together as members who share the same vision.

We don't just aim for profit; we share our thoughts and values, sometimes saying no, to create happiness for your team and our society.

Co-create values

First, we will design the content and frequency of sessions based on your company's business phase and challenges.

Common and frequent content

Learn about Being/Doing/Having ideas and the difference between service content & "value."

You will learn about the difference between service content and "value." Additionally, we listen to you and discuss with you to clarify your company's vision, business strategy, your thoughts as a business owner, the background of your products and services, and your company's strengths and unique features.

Clarify better target

Make "who" more clear and impactful. Vague targets won't lead to success. Your business won’t resonate with anyone. We'll narrow down the target audience that your services will resonate with.

Building brand concept or product concept

We consider how to differentiate and structure multiple products, services, and programs to make them clear and easy for your customers to understand.

Refining your business and concept

As needed,you will conduct interviews with potential customers to validate business and concept hypotheses, and refine them into the best possible business or concept.

We will create pricing and presentation content for your customers

We review the concept and revise the messages, service structure and presentation to be attractive.

Business plan creation

We provide support for business plan creation, especially for startups. We also offer assistance in creating business plans for competitions and financing purposes.

If you want to learn more about “Being”


Our wonderful clients / partners

*Published only approved cases


  • Legal Entity Type

    Non-profit corporation / NGO / Incorporated association / Corporation / Limited liability company / Temples / Sole proprietorship / University

  • Business Type

    Medical business / Healthcare business / Educational business / Skincare / Exercise / Food / Fair trade coffee / Japanese Traditional hand-crafts / Agriculture

  • Owner Type

    Entrepreneurs / Woman entrepreneurs / Student entrepreneurs / Traditional craftsman / Healthcare professionals / Athletes / Mothers / Foreigners / LGBTs / Monks / Legal Professionals