For Medical &
Healthcare manufacturers

Creating the future value

As bilingual professionals with over 14 years of experience in the medical and healthcare industry, we deep dive into the insights of Medical stakeholders/patients, define values ​​and concepts to achieve your corporate vision, build a strategy and implement with your team.

SERVICE1Project basedStrategy&Marketing

Need a bilingual strategist or
marketing personnel?

We participate as a team member in planning strong values, concepts, and strategies to achieve the vision, and executing those strategies.


  • CASE

    Japanese Medical manufacturer

    As a global business planning member

  • CASE

    Foreign medical manufacturer

    As a member developing and executing marketing strategies for Japan market entry

  • CASE

    Smal&Mid healthcare firm

    Propose product strategy and marketing plans and implement

  • CASE

    Mid-sized med firm

    As a member of creating new product or services

Area only experienced areas

* Other medical areas are also possible.

Disease Area

  • Diabetes
  • Diabetes complications
  • Cardiovascular
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Eye diseases
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Cancer
  • Neurological diseases
  • Migraines
  • Sleep
  • Rare diseases

Product Areas

  • Medical devices (hospital testing devices, pharmaceutical devices)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical device interfaces
  • Skincare products
  • Hospital information integration products


Business Strategy

  • Service strategy building
  • New product creation
  • Japan entry strategy
  • Global strategy building
  • China strategy
  • Asia strategy
  • Product development strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Market environment analysis
  • Patient journey
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positionning
  • Concept creation
  • Messege creation

Implementation of Strategy

  • KOL building
  • Negotiation with physicians(Japan and abroad)
  • Contract negotiation (Japan and abroad)
  • PoC Implementation
  • Product specification decision
  • Support for medical congress exhibitions
  • Implementation of marketing plans
  • Market researches
  • Support for advisory operations

Marketing Organization

  • Improved marketing strategy process

Online Strategy

  • Website planning
  • Online marketing strategy building
  • Implementation of online strategy(in collaboration with partner web designer)

Past Cases

Only a portion of achievements is listed.

  • Foreign Rare
    Disease firm

    Consultation of Japan Market Entry

    Joined the Japan market entry project team. Started by understanding the treatment flow in Japan for the rare disease brand, and implemented Key Opinion Leader (KOL) development. Additionally, conducted an epidemiological database survey with an epidemiological research company to determine the number of patients in Japan. Simultaneously, extracted and provided key information for the Japan launch strategy from a series of market researches.

  • Mega Pharma

    Market research for a brand team

    Joined as an in-house researcher. Responsible for a specific brand team, conducted a series of surveys from pre- to post-launch while sharing strategies and objectives with brand managers. Responsible for survey design, implementation, analysis, and project management for various stakeholders, including physicians and patients, and for both qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Japan Small Firm

    Online Marketing of Skincare Products

    Conducted website planning and strategic consulting for a small company developing completely non-chemical skincare products in Japan to increase online purchases. Engaged in discussions with the company's executives to determine the "value" to be emphasized, reorganized the product lineup, and devised a web marketing strategy. Collaborated with our partner web designer to create the website and e-commerce platform.

As Your
Global Partner

  • Global Mind

    Be Think Partner offers bilingual services with a global mindset. CEO has lived in the United States and India, while working in global business settings.

  • Team member

    We make a commitment to create values and to tackle the problem together working in the client's team as a partner/member.

  • Project based
  • Longer contact discounted
  • Global biz trips OK
  • Different time-zone OK

SERVICE2Tailored Training Programs

Learn Practically as a Virtual Planner:
Product Development &
Planning Process Sessions



Learn the model that transforms "inability to create value" into "new values emerge"

Seeking a workplace where new values emerge, utilizing your current employees? We improve organizational planning capability by learning a model that clarifies the points to be addressed, connecting insights to new product development and enhancing the linkage between strategy - market research.


Empowering your weaknesses:
Customization program

Through pre-meetings to create a curriculum, we extract the challenges of your team on strategy and marketing processes. We propose a course of sessions that focuses on weaknesses to learn efficiently and create strong value.


Learn practically as a virtual planner in our fun session!

Participants learn, in a practical manner, by pretending as a virtual planner experiencing the entire strategic process. They make decisions for Proof of Concept (PoC) , design market research, strategize the concept, and launch a product.
Through thinking and experiencing these processes themselves, they acquire high-quality value proposition skills that can be applied in practice.


Specialized explanations and examples in pharma & med-devices!

While years are typically spent developing medical products, the learning curve should not. We cover the unique development, commercialization, testing and trials, pharmaceutical affairs law, and sales restrictions of the medical industry, including tacit knowledge, in a practical manner, focusing on key points and differences from other industries.

Target Audience

  • New Markter in Japan

    • Wish to learn product strategy creation
    • Wish to know product service planning
    • Wish to conduct research that leads to value-creation
  • Research Company in Japan

    • Wishing to discuss strategy from the client's perspective
    • Wishing to understand the unique mindset of the medical industry
  • Corporations whose clients are medical firms

    • Wishing to learn about value creation in medical manufacturers
    • Wishing to discuss with medical manufacturers on the same level
    • Wishing to grasp the key points of business development in the medical industry

Expected outcome

  • Enhance the skills to gain key insights and to create value
  • Nurture marketers and researchers with enthusiasm.
  • Easier allocation or recruitment of non-medical or non-research personnel.
  • Enhancing or streamlining the training that boss/seniors teach OJT.

Training Parts

How we propose a training

First, we hear about the problems and areas for improvement in your organization through counseling. We propose missing parts and jointly design an education program.

Our Base Parts

The unique aspects of
medical industry you should know

  • Unique sales strategies in the medical industry: XX strategy
  • The relationship between guidelines and sales
  • How is the organization of a medical manufacturer structured?
  • Who is responsible for the strategic marketing function?
  • Are there specialized research functions?
  • What are the influencing factors on investment decisions?
  • The relationship between TPP and investment decisions

Learn strategy/marketing processes
as a virtual planner

  • What is your job role throughout?
  • Starting a new product development, where do you start?
  • What is the key for successful product or business development?
  • Let's try the PEST/3C/SWOT analysis
  • How do you narrowed down the STP in medical market
  • Let’s calculate market volume
  • How are products and values different?
  • Why is “abandoning certain markets” important?
  • Are you passionate about your job?
  • What is PoC in healthcare and medical industry?
  • Frequent mistake in PoC in healthcare and medical industry
  • What is PERSONA?
  • Let's try to understand customers and the market
  • What is the relationship between customer insights and value?
  • What is “understand physicians as customer”
  • Creating a patient journey
  • Learn successful segmentation
  • Create a positioning map
  • Target country and area
  • Product strategy and brand strategy
  • What is hypothesis and validation?
  • Regulatory strategy basics in pharma and medical devices
  • Forecast and sales preparation before the launch
  • What you do after the launch
  • Product portfolio, its difference between pharma and devices
  • Learn about the flow of investment decision-making in business
  • Learn about decision-making and research in global product planning
  • Trend in healthcare and medical industry

The secret to quality market research
that you can really leverage

  • What do you seek in a market research in the first place
  • What is actionable and leverage-able research
  • Overview of medical market research
  • History of market research
  • Trend and evolution of medical market research technique
  • Frequent mistake/failure in medical market research
  • How to avoid failure and conduct high-quality research
  • Do logical/beautiful plan lead to market/customer success? No, but why?
  • Tips for research design
  • Research process within a manufacturer.
  • RFP and research project management
  • Business questions and research questions
  • Points to note in surveys for physicians, points to note in surveys for patients
  • Objective-specific research for each phase of development
  • Purchase influencers and apropriate recruitment of subjects
  • Negotiation and discussion to be done between manufacturers and research companies
  • About each research method
  • Methods of qualitative research
  • Methods of quantitative research
  • Logic trees
  • Capturing insights
  • Creating high quality reports
  • Compliance related to research

Your Original

Strengthening your talent training

  • Your company's aspirations and vision
  • Desired mindset for enhanced talent
  • Your company's unique planning process
  • Thoughts of executives and managers


  • Scope is from “Start” of the planning to “post-launch”.
  • Science research phase is not included

Session Style

Our sessions are discussion based bridging “Book style” and “OJT”
Practical session using case-studies and quiz.

Past Trainings

Medical Market Research firm

Training sessions to become a researcher and project manager from a moderator

  • Duration : 90~120min x 20 sessions for 8months
  • Participants : Three moderators

Participants experienced the commercialization process and its essence of pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturers, who are clients of their company. Three individuals took on the role of marketer and gained the skills for negotiations with medical manufacturers. Through the course of sessions, they transitioned from moderators to researchers.



Mayuko (May)Kaneda

is an experienced strategist and marketer with a focus in product planning, marketing, start-up or new business consultation and strategic planning with a particular expertise in medical device/healthcare and social/sustainable projects.

For 14 years in the medical/ healthcare sector within diagnostics, healthcare technology, and medical services. She spent 10 years at OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., a Japanese global manufacturer specialized in medical devices and healthcare products, in various leadership roles in Product Planning and Global strategy of medical devices.

Doshisha University; B.A. (in Japan)
Doshisha Business School; M.B.A. . (in Japan)


  • Diabetes
  • Diabetes complications
  • Cardiovascular
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Eye diseases
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Cancer
  • Neurological diseases
  • Migraines
  • Sleep
  • Rare diseases


  • Unmet Needs exploration
  • Patient insight exploration
  • Segmentation/Targeting
  • Market environment analysis
  • Market size analysis
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Product profile development
  • Concept development
  • Product specification development
  • KOL relationship building
  • Global business strategy
  • China business strategy
  • Asia business strategy
  • Epidemiological survey support
  • Web strategy planning
  • Market researches



started her career working in marketing research for consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices for four years in a Japanese market research company. After that, she moved to a Japanese medical device manufacturer and worked as an inhouse market researcher in several disease areas. Most recently, she has been involved in setting up research and UX design departments, establishing usability evaluation systems, and managing research projects at an medical & industrial analytical instruments manufacturer.

  • Interviewed over 1,000 people.
  • 4 years of experience at a research firm, 17 years at manufacturers.
  • Strong in flexible research design tailored to project characteristics and resources.
  • Certified Human-Centered Design Specialist by the Human-Centered Design Promotion Organization.
Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Economics, Shizuoka University; B.A. (in Japan)