For Academic & Educational Institutions

For Academic & Educational Institutions

The following are themes that have been lectured as lecturers and guest speakers at universities.

  • Product marketing
  • SDGs overview
  • SDGs products/projects planning and marketing
  • Social business planning
  • Market research methods



Actual Cases

We aim to create a classroom environment where students can actively engage in discussions and workshops to develop a clear understanding of how to create businesses and products that benefit society. We encourage students to think independently and foster a sense of creativity in their learning process.

●Doshisha University(Kyoto)

Audience: Students and "Zemi-Seminar" students in the Faculty of Policy Studies with a focus on international cooperation

Duration: 90 minutes per session x a few classes (annually)

Method: As a guest speaker

Content: Give talks in Professor Yumiko Okamoto's seminar(Zemi) on sustainable global development, focusing on the SDGs, and the process of creating social businesses.Faculty website>>> Prof.Okamoto's Zemi website>>> Prof. Okamoto's website>>>

●Kyoto Koka Women's University

Audience: Students planning to become registered dietitians
Duration: Spring Semester (annually) *With another instructors
Method: As part-time instructors
Content: As part of the new "Koka Health Project" program in the Health and Nutrition Department, which started in the 2021 academic year, we give lectures to university students specializing in dietetics and health sports nutrition about product and service planning. University website>>> About the project>>>