[For only one group a week]

Healing Holiday at prive log-cabin in a quiet forest!

◎WiFi available◎ 

Language 日本語



Welcome to Komorebi Terrace😄

It is a quiet playground for those who had "EN" in Japanese with the owner.

(No English word but it could be translated as bond / meaningful encounter/ emotional ties / linked by fate)


★No Strangers allowed. Security Cameras in Operation★



What I want to tell you about the nature/environment

I suppose you have sewage system in your house. Your local government purifies it to a certain level and flush it into the river or the sea.


Here in Komorebi Terrace area, the sewage is returned directly to the ground as it seeps into the ground. To protect the natural environment, we have detergents, soaps, and shampoos that use as few chemical materials as possible.




Komorebi Terrace invites those friends who care about our environment. We appreciate your understanding(^^)


Recommended season

We recommend March to November:)

The log cabin is in the trees, so it's cooler than city in summer.



Even in a little chilly season, there's a wood-burning stove warm you up :))). 

For your safety, avoid when the road freezes in the winter.



How to spend time here




Room size

The rooms are pretty spacious, so you can enjoy an open feeling.



Living dinning 16 tatami mats

Loft 17 tatami mats



A deck infront of the living room

A deck in the back of the cabin


Where to sleep?

There are 2 mosquito nets, 6 mattresses, and 3 sleeping bags in the loft.

If you bring your own sleeping bag or tent, you can set up a tent outside and sleep.👍

There is also a few hammocks.








Onsen (hot spring) nearby

There is a natural hot spring directly from the source. About 15~20 minutes by car. The log cabin also has a bathtub and shower room, but the hot spring is also recommended! Let's get warm♨


The photos are for illustration purposes only. They have a few outside onsentubs like these. 





Refrigerator, microwave oven, 2 burner stove (IH)


There is hot water in the kitchen yeah~~!


Water-pot, pans, pots


EElectric griddle

*it can be used outside with outside-outlets.


Sukiyaki pan


Cooking tools


Tableware such as chopsticks, a set of cutlery, and plates.


If you like wine, you can bring wines, we have wine-glasses.


Coffee, Tea


Skillet for wood stove.

Wine is wonderful while making ajillo in the skillet with a wood stove🍷✨


Air conditioner (one in the living room and one in the loft)



Feel free to use the white slippers at the entrance.


Speaker for music♬

*You can connect to your smartphone via BT (Press and hold the inconspicuous one of the two small buttons on the back of the speaker to connect to UE ROLL)


Feel free to use the amenities in the separate washbasin. Hot water here as well!



Bathtub and shower

*We have towels you can use. Shampoo, body soap, etc. are for the global environment, so please use the provided ones.



Washing machine

*Please use it freely.

*For the sake of the global environment, please be sure to use the laundry detergent provided.


Vacuum cleaner


Lanterns can be used both to create atmosphere and as flashlights. When going out at night,we recommend to turn on the headlights.



Be sure to extinguish the candle before going to bed.


I have a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat.


Toilet (not smelly)



















There is an anti-insect spray at the entrance, feel free to use it.












Wifi (optical fiber)


Surveillance camera

BBQ facilities not yet



Dryer will be installed soon




Please read before you decide

  1. If you drive a car to come here, please be sure to read the access section below★
  2. There is a steep slope up to the entrance. Those who cannot climb physically may find it difficult to stay
  3. Mobile phone signal is sometimes hard to reach in this area (please use wifi in the log house).
  4. It's a log house. Since you will live in nature, sometimes you need to live with insects even though we are careful cleaning;) If you find them, please take them out with the cleaning tools.
  5. We do not use pest control agents, but we have installed an ultrasonic device that pests dislike. If you don't like the ultrasonic sound, please unplug the devices in the living room and loft from the outlet. After your stay is over, plug it into the outlet and go home, thank you m(_ _)m
  6. No smoking in the cabin please🚭

  7. Tap water pumps natural-groundwater. You can drink at your own risk, but we recommend heating it just in case.


  8. Occasionally, the entire area has a water outage, but in such a case, please think of it as a "fun attraction to overcome" and contact us;)


  9. This area is not open to the public, so uploading to the internet or SNS is prohibited!



Access by car




We charge no accomodation fee.


No stay ----------------- 5,000yen per a group

Staying ----------------- 8,000yen per a group

*above is for 1 or 2 night stay only. Pls ask for longer stay.