We listen to our clients and suggest mixed
Be Think original services to
develop tailored solutions.

Start-ups & New PJs

Support to lauch or optimize social initiative

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    Story Making

    While adding a new perspective to your business idea, create concepts that attract more people and embody business stories.

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    We connect unorganized thoughts and your excitement to the steps toward realization.

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    Be-One Projects

    Under one theme, we participate in a project team, jointly promote creation of new businesses for your company, and incorporate them into social impact strategies.

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    Startup Support

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    Market Research

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    Persona setting

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    Business planning

Sales Scheme

Converting to online sales

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    Product planning

    We build online sales strategies and suggest new product or service ideas that fits the strategies.

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    Online Promotion

    We lead sales projects in order to convert sales schemes to online.

Global PJs

Global project support

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    PJs for poverty

    We assist PJs for poverty reduction with a market-driven approach to achieve greater impact socially and financially.

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    SDGs & global negotiations

    We lead global projects and SDGs projects understanding both sides.

We listen to our clients to develop tailored solutions with mixed original services.


Initial Consultation
+ Listing to your business for 1 hour
+ Suggesting how we can help


When you want to increase customer in a collaboration with Be Think, or plan a project with Be Think.

Pls inquire

When you want to sharpen your business ideas, give them uniqueness, or create ideas that resonate with your customers.
Maybe your idea will sprout into a bigger business in the future?
Story Making
When you want to build a story and service that attracts customers more.
We will help you build stories from “text-only” to “with rough sketches/designs”.
Rough range 100k ~300k yen
Draw a map
When you want to creat or brushup a map for your new/continuing business.
Product and service planning
When you wanto to create new products or services. When you want to re-brand with new product line-ups.
Monthly fee or project base
CO-LABO manager
When you want to study other ways and styles to have better balances between profit and social impacts.
Monthly contract - 1/3/6/12 month
Please inquire for the details
For business owners who want to concentrate on your main business.
When you want to re-brand your business, switch to non-face-to-face sales, or need global personnel to help you with your operations.
Pls inquire


Be Think Partner works towards client’s mission,
looks at the big picture,
and collaborates with self-directed style
as if a member of a Teal organisation.

  • A Teal organisation is an organization where internal and external members collaborates flexibly and co-create values efficiently without the need for hierarchy.
  • They strive for a shared goal in a self-directed working style.

Flexible working style to match with client’s working style.

Online discussion and documentation both in Japanese and English are possible. Joining your team physically or online and any working style.

  • OK with business trips to anywhere (domestic, overseas)
  • Spot / short-term / long-term contracts are available.
  • Contract formats in Japanese or English can be prepared. Your format is acceptable as well.