Blancing Your Being & Doing







多くの多様な人たちが異なることや不完全性も受け入れて関わりあう社会。考えや思想を発言し、健全に議論しあえる。 そんな世界を希求します。


  • Build Marketing Strategy, Japan Marketing Support

  • Product Planing, Service Planing

  • Build Healthcare Business, Develot Concept

  • Social Business Start-ups



Global Mind

Be Think Partner learnt English and global mind from the experiences lived in the United States and India and working experience in global corporations.


As A Partner

We make a commitment to create values and to tackle the problem together working in the client's team as a partner/member.

Balancing your social mission
with the financial goals


Vision Based Approach

For socially-driven corporations or projects, a challenge is to balance mission and profit. Be Think Partner shares the passion and vision with our clients and develops tailored solutions for the future society.


Based on your needs,
We suggest
best tailored solutions.

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    Verbalization of your vision, strategic marketing, registration, finding start-up subsidies in Japan.

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    Build Service Story

    Find out your customer’s journey around your product and service, and then build a service concept or story to attract customers.

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    Product Planning

    Market needs research, Defining product/service specifications, Implementation and project management of product planning process.

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    Define Persona

    Work with your team to define target persona which is a key to early success in the business.

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    Market Research
    and User Survey

    Project management of local or international market research, user survey and interviews.

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    Business Planning

    Build business strategy, build strategic marketing plan, and forecasting.

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    Social Project

    Social project implementation, build a plan to solve social issues understanding local needs. Balancing profit and social impact.

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    Global PJ

    Project management and implementation of international businesses and SDGs projects.

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    If your small business or team has an idea but still is not sure how to shape your business, we help to start from brainstorming and help shape it.

Clients In The Past

Company size

Start-up, Mega Japanese corporation, Foreign-affiliated global company, mid to small company, Individual business owner, Universities and educational institute.

Diversed owners

Foreigners, Medical Professionals, Mothers, Fathers, Entrepreneurs, Student Entrepreneurs, Traditional craftsmen, LGBT, NGO, Non-Profit Corporations, Individual Business Owners, Temples, Monks, Athletes, and Individuals.


  • Domestic and overseas business trips are OK.
  • Various contracts such as one-time, short-term, long-term are possible. One example would be a monthly continuous plan (ex: service operating time 5-10 hrs).
  • If necessary, we will prepare the format of the outsourcing contract in Japanese and English. Your company's format is also possible.
  • It is feasible for us to prepare materials both in Japanese and English as needed. Meetings and communication in Japanese or English.
  • We can adopt various working styles such as joining your team in person or online.
  • Non-monetary payment may also be acceptable
    (Pesticide-free crops, Chemical-free products, Empathy Currency "eumo" ≫ etc…).


Company Name
Be Think Partner G.K.
Mayuko kaneda
Foundation Year
Started April 2019, Founded January 2023
Kyoto City
Service Area
Japan and global
Start-up consultation, Marketing, Market research, New business planning, Product and service planning, Project management, Building strategic plan, Coaching



Edu. Doshisha Business School(MBA)
Qualif. Business Coach


  • She was touched by the speech given by Sevan Suzuki (Canadian environmental activist) at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Sevan was a 12-year-old girl of the same age as her at that time but she was already seeing the world's problems and asking the world not to fight or destroy the environment.
  • As she worked in an NGO in India, she realized that social missions and vision will not be achieved without business management and then entered a MBA course to study business administration.
  • She studied social businesses such as social enterprises, NPO’s business, microfinance, and fair trade, and summarized them as a thesis. After MBA graduation, she worked for a product planning position at MISUMI Group Inc, and then joined a start-up and launched a new business. She also worked at OMRON Healthcare for 9 years and experienced global business as a product manager of medical equipment.
  • She decided to start-up her own business and left her job. Traveled in Thailand, Vietnam and other areas to think about the vision and services of own business. Coming back to Japan, she started her own business under the theme of "Social business"
MAYU’S 5 by StrengthsFinder
Strategic, Input, Restorative, Deliberative, Learner

Instead of the "correct answer"
in the past such as

"This should make me happy"
"We should aim for this",

We help you find
"This is definitely our happiness!"

support you to move on.